Maria Bruce
From the founder
"Maria Bruce Jewellery" brand from the UAE begins its fundamental history with a collection of jewellery in which a solo role play exquisite pearls, unique in their properties. Its beauty embodying elegance, laconicism and aesthetics combined with 18-carat gold and diamonds of impeccable purity turn the products into real art that will take their worthy place in the jewellery collection of every modern lady.

Inspired by the tendency to turn to her own identity and uniqueness, the founder of the jewellery brand Maria Bruce, laid deep meanings in her collection, which are embodied in a series of jewellery: Infinity pearl, Aspiration pearl, Admission pearl, Passion pearl, Diversity pearl, Spiral pearl, Integrity pearl, Intention, Encouragement.

The jewellery brand sees its mission in creating everyday jewellery in the premium segment that will emphasise the status and personality of the owner. The desire to bring aesthetics into everyday life has determined the direction for design, which is reflected in the simplicity and confidence of the lines and carries the legacy of luxury of the world's jewellery houses.

In the upcoming collections, the jewellery brand "Maria Bruce Jewellery" will use all the variety of precious stones to create jewellery in the High jewellery and Fine jewellery categories, while maintaining its own uniqueness of luxurious conciseness.
Uniqueness enhanced to bring exclusivity
In this collection, at the heart of each piece of jewellery is a story about incredible depth of the human personality and the boundless range of its possibilities. This is an invitation to explore your diverse potential in its full magnificence.
Infinity pearl
Aspiration Pearl - is a manifestation of the desire for new accomplishments, new horizons, and the highest level of self-realization.
Aspiration pearl
Admission Pearl is an exquisite recognition of ones self in every manifestation. Pearls, as if embraced by gold and diamonds, become a symbol of inner wholeness.
Admission pearl
Diversity Pearl - is a sophisticated series that reveals the splendor and diversity of every moment, emphasizing the versatility and uniqueness of life's paths.
Diversity pearl
Limited collection
Spiral Pearl - is an exclusive limited collection infused with the fascinating charm of the unstoppable human potential for development (personal growth), which moves in a spiral.
Spiral pearl
Limited collection
The Intention collection manifests the determination of the individual in realizing their boundless potential and materializing their talents.
The manifestation of gorgeousness and sublime exclusivity.
Integrity pearl
Passion pearl
Passion Pearl is the expression of brilliance and is designed for those who appreciate unique moments in life. A harmony of sophistication, where pearls become a source of desire and inner fire, giving life's flavor and vibrancy.
The Encouragement collection symbolizes the abilities to inspire, motivate, and support oneself on the path of personal development and realization. The ultimate support comes from within ourselves.